Most Common Questions

Take a look at some of our most commonly asked questions. You may just find what you need here.

Application for IRS ITIN

Form W-7 - Questions regarding application for the IRS Individual Tax Identification Number.


The section provides answers for former citizens and long-term permanent residents.

Earned Income Exclusion

Everything you need to know about Form 2555 and how it affects you in the present tax year.

Green Card Holders

Questions concerning how to file if you have a green card. Find your answers here.

Exchange Rates

Knowing the right way to handle exchange rates can be daunting. We have your answers here.

Filing Status and Dependents

Here we answer questions regarding how to determine your filing status and what you need to look for when claiming dependents.

Reporting of Foreign Financial Accounts

Do you own companies with bank accounts internationally? Here we answer your questions concerning reporting those foreign accounts.